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Hi Tech VideoFor over 35 years, when our customers were in need of custom precision die cutting, they have come to Hi-Tech Products. Our capabilities for rotary die cutting and flatbed die cutting-coupled with the experience of our engineering and production staff-earn us the reputation as The Engineer's Die Cutter.

Hi Tech's over 20 rotary die cutting equipment options, multilayer laminations, exacting tolerances, widths up to 24'', in-line pouching and island placement ensures we can design and manufacture from your most simple to your most complicated requirements. Our state-of-the-art  Rotary Die Cutting and Flatbed Die Cutting equipment assures we produce your parts with the highest quality, the absolute minimum waste, in a Cleanroom if needed, and the Best-in-Class cost.

Our flatbed die cutting equipment also provides the quality and low cost solutions to your parts that by design, or as required by volume considerations, require special handling. With over a dozen die cutting equipment options Hi Tech has the flexibility to choose the solution that provides parts with tighter tolerance and lower cost through the use of Class A, steel rule and proprietary tooling.

Class 100,000 Cleanroom Die Cutting

Hi Tech's multiple clean rooms are designed and controlled for the Medical, Electronic, Aerospace industries exacting requirements . Within these clean rooms, our state-of-the-art die cutting equipment can pouch medical devices inline, accurately provide island placement, and slitting for all of your sensitive and special product needs. Our humidity-controlled clean rooms are maintained and controlled to Class 100,000.

Inline Printing, Off Line Printing, Pad Printing, Screen Printing

There may be times when, in addition to the custom converting of your proprietary part, you need the parts to be printed with your custom nomenclature, logo, instructions, etc. Hi-Tech Products is again equipped to provide you the lowest cost and highest quality parts. Our specialized equipment allows us to print inline on our die cutting presses, print off-line, and precisely register to your part, pad print and screen print.

As a Hi-Tech Products' customer you no longer need to source, approve, audit, or manage an additional supplier. We do it all with the same quality and dedication to you as we have been doing for over 35 years!

Tijuana, Mexico Manufacturing Facility

Hi-Tech Products is committed to always bringing the utmost value. Because our customers needed it, in 2005 we opened a die cutting and light assembly facility in Tijuana, Mexico. Initially the Mexico facility provided an even lower cost option for our customers who needed component assembly using the parts that we had die cut, laminated or slit in CA.

Today the Tijuana plant not only performs light assembly, die cutting, printing and packaging, we also perform it as an ISO Certified, FDA Registered supplier–exactly like our facility in Buena Park, CA. This means you receive the same quality, reliability, engineering expertise, and total confidence always found when doing business with Hi-Tech Products.

Rapid Prototyping

Our flatbed laser cutting machine, coupled with our proprietary tooling, allow us to offer the Engineer a viable solution to the ''cut and paste'' activities of the past. Many times it's necessary to produce only one prototype part for evaluation or multiple variations of the same part. Regardless, if we have the material in stock needed for your prototype, we can ship a part within 48 hours.

Our Sales, Production, and Engineering team with their vast and extensive die cutting experience are ready to take your design and suggest changes if needed. Our team is committed to do whatever it takes to get your product from concept to production- in the quickest timeframe possible.

Whether your company is in the Medical, Electronic, Industrial, Aerospace or Automotive industry, let us show you how our People, Quality, Die Cutting Services, and Experience come together for you and your company!

Call us at 1-800-679-2150 or email us at info@hi-tech-products.com and put the
CA Custom Precision Die Cutting resources and capabilities of Hi-Tech Products to work for you!

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