Flatbed Die Cutting

Hi-Tech Products is highly responsive to your needs. Our extensive equipment capabilities means we have the appropriate machinery for most applications; we can turn around prototypes quickly, and easily handle long production runs.

Precision Die Cutting Since 1979

Hi-Tech Products was founded in 1979. Our first customers were other providers of die cutting services who didn‘t yet have rotary die cutting technology. As time passed, Hi-Tech built one-of-a-kind custom machines that produced parts not possible with conventional rotary presses. Hi-Tech became renowned as the precision die cutting company that engineers could go to, describe their application, and be provided with a tailor-made solution to their requirement. Today, Hi-Tech is proud to still reign as the premier company that customers seek out for intelligent, efficient answers to their requirements. Medical, Electronics and Aerospace customers choose Hi-Tech product for their precision die cutting and product needs in such areas as:

  • Custom die cutting (rotary and flat)
  • Slitting, sheeting, rewinding
  • Thermal sealing
  • Custom packaging, fan folding and stacking
  • Laminating
  • Cleanroom assembly, packaging and manufacturing
  • Multi-level, scoring and perforating-island placement
  • Printing (six-color flexographic)
  • Multi-layer laminations
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive, rolls or individual pieces
  • R&D prototyping

No substitute for experience—Hi-Tech Products has a successful track record with the following:

Precision Die Cutting:

rotary, flat and Class A, multi-layer laminating, slitting and printing, tight tolerances, island placement, R&D prototype, cleanroom for medical and electronic products.

Cleanroom Die-Cutting Services:

medical grade adhesives, tapes, films and foams, wound care, diagnostic and disc-drive components converted and packaged in a class 100,000 cleanroom.

Die Cut Medical Adhesives:

die cutting, laminating and slitting of all brands of medical grade adhesives, latex-free, transfer, single-coated and double-coated tapes, films and foams.

Die Cut Pressure Sensitive Adhesives:

custom slitting and die cutting of all brands of pressure-sensitive products. transfer adhesive, single-sided and double-sided tapes (medical grade, latex-free and industrial grade available).

Die Cut Diagnostic Laminations:

PVC, polystyrene, polyester, polycarbonate backing materials with pressure-sensitive adhesives, custom slit and die-cut. Membrane, filtration and wicking media slit and laminated to backing materials.

Die Cut Bandages:

medical, surgical adhesive elastic. custom die cutting, medical grade tapes and adhesives, wound-care products cut from hydrogel, hydrocolloids, non-woven, foams, film tapes and urethanes.

Die Cut Electrodes:

custom die-cut, medical grade, pressure-sensitive, hydrogel, hydrocolloid, latex-free adhesives.

Gasket Die Cutting Services:

all grades of rubber, pressure-sensitive or plain, foams and films and adhesives. RFI and EMI-shielding products.

Laminating Adhesives:

acrylic, rubber and silicone, transfer adhesives, double-coated tapes for foam, film and foil laminating.

If you need custom die cutting, precision die cutting or any other die cutting services, Tell us your application - we‘ll design the part. Go with the leader: Contact us today.