Custom Die Cutting
Hi-Tech Products is highly responsive to your needs. With options such as steel rule flatbed for low cost and using rotary die kiss cutting for precision, custom parts on high volume orders, Hi Tech's extensive custom die cutting services capabilities means we have the appropriate machinery for most applications, we can turn around prototypes quickly, and easily handle long production runs. 

Our wide variety of manufacturing process options ensures we are capable of working with a variety of materials to meet the most simple to the most complicated requirements. Our highly trained and experience staff engineers and designs all the dies on the latest CAD systems ensuring accurate part demensions and the best yield of material usage. Frequent die maintance is performed to ensure demensional accuracy and is included at no addional expense to you.

  • Rotary Die Cutting,

    Flatbed Die Cutting,

    Custom Die Cutting

    ● Equipped with the most versatile and sophisticated
    Flatbed Die Cutting, Rotary Die Cutting and Custom Die Cutting
    equipment available
    ● Labor intensive, low cost processes performed in our Tijuana, MX facility
    ● Over a dozen cutting services options
  • Multilayer Laminations

    ● Multiple layer lamination up to 12 layers
    ● Lamination processes using heat or pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Island Placement and Electronic Registration

    ● Eliminate excessive material waste
    ● Registering to pre-printed materials

  • Inline Heat Sealing and Cold Seal Pouching

    ● Cutting and pouching done inline
    ● Inline printing of pouch materials with sequential lot numbers
    ● Films, foils, Tyvek and paper available
  • Slitting, Sheeting, Rewinding Various Materials

    ● Shear, score, razor, lathe and heat slitting
    ● Delicate and difficult handling materials
  • Low-cost Packaging and Assembly in Mexico

    ● Thermal seal packaging
    ● Turnkey ready to package and assemble your product

  • Hi-Tech's Printing Processes

    ● Inline Printing, Off Line Printing, Pad Printing, Screen Printing
    ● Six color flexographic
    ● Silk screen
    ● Pad printing
    ● Sequential inkjet printing
  • Corona Treating for increased adhesion

    ● Increases adhesion to low surface energy substrates
  • RF Welding in Certified Cleanroom

    ● Increases adhesion to low surface energy substrates
    ● Highest quality weld and bonding for maximum device adherence
    ● Large volume production using high capacity, multi-station machines
    ● Competitive labor rates with production done in Mexico
    ● Broad range of assembly and packaging capabilities
Custom Die Cutting
steel rule
Island Placement
Heat Sealing
Clean Room Assembly
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Multilevel scoring and Perforating

  • Precise depth scoring

Hi Tech's Two Die Cut Clean Rooms

  • Class 100,000
  • Low Humidity
  • Buena Park, CA and Tijuana, MX

Hi-Tech Laser Cutting

  • No tooling required

Class A Die Cut Services

  • Extremely tight tolerance for precision parts
  • Multiple operations: laminating, slitting, cutting during the process

R & D Die Cut Prototyping Service

  • Rapid response with Quick turn prototypes
  • Engineering assistance
  • Extensive material selection in stock

With so many capabilities it's easy to see why Hi-Tech Products is recognized as "The Engineer's Die Cutter." From prototypes to large volume runs–Request a Quote or call us at 800-679-2150. A Hi-Tech specialist is ready to assist you; let us show you the many die cut programs Hi-Tech offers for all your projects.