If you're looking for a reliable, dependable innovative company with the highest quality commercial solar products, look no further!

Ever since Hi Tech started our business in 1979, we have been earning the trust of hundreds of customers in both the Medical and the Aerospace industries. Now, we are proud to introduce the latest in our line of innovative commercial solar products that are designed to make the jobs of installing solar power panels and photovoltaic solar panels much easier, less messy, and far less time-consuming.

Our company's first customers were seeking the Hi Tech team's expertise in top-notch precision die-cutting technology. At that time, Hi Tech specialized in building one-of-a-kind custom die cutting machines, thereby establishing our reputation as innovators early on. We then did the same for the medical device industry, by providing highly specialized medical precision die-cutting services with an emphasis on quality and experience.

Now, in the commercial solar products industry, we are once again in the forefront of providing new and innovative solutions to help all those companies who are manufacturers of solar power panels, as well as those companies who specialize in installing photovoltaic solar panels and solar power panels.

Right from the get-go, we recognized the ever-increasing need for user-friendly products in the rapidly expanding Solar industry. Our goal is to make your job easier, whether you're a solar panel manufacturer, or if you just specialize in installing solar power panels. High Tech Solar Products is once again the proven leader in innovative solutions that help you make your business run even more efficiently!

Industry Leaders with Unique Solutions
HIgh Tech is the ONLY manufacturer to provide this new and complete line of peel and stick solutions that not only can be custom converted to your particular jobís specifications, but are also versatile enough to accommodate all solar assembly needs!

Regardless of the surfaces that need to be adhered to, our unique peel and stick solutions help you get the job done, every time. Whether you need to attach junction boxes, photovoltaic solar panels, or secure panel edge seals, our full line of peel and stick solar panel tapes and sealants give you the tools you need to do it all–quickly and efficiently!

Sharing a Vision of the Future
The experts on the Hi Tech team all share this vision: the future for Solar Panel Manufacturers and Solar Panel Installers is bright, with business expected to hit new levels of growth, as is evidenced by this industry review from the SEIA:

Solar Energies Industry Association (SEIA) "US SOLAR INDUSTRY: YEAR IN REVIEW, 2008," comes this good news:

"The U.S. solar energy industry grew to new heights in 2008 and many industry observers expect that growth to continue in 2009. Total capacity grew by 1,265 megawatts (MW)1 in 2008, up from 1,159 MW installed in 2007. This brings the total installed capacity up by 16 percent to 9,183 MW. Capacity in both photovoltaic (PV) and solar water heating systems grew at record levels. And while no new concentrating solar power (CSP) plants were completed in 2008, projects totaling more than 6,000 MW are in the pipeline most with signed purchase power agreements...With the easing of supply bottlenecks and the aggressive alternative-energy investments provided by 2008's EESA and 2009's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, going solar will be increasingly attractive and affordable for families, businesses and utilities across the country."

This bodes well for all of Hi Tech's commercial solar products customers: all those who need fast, reliable solar products that provide the latest, most up-to-date, time-saving, innovative tools to use when installing solar power panels, and photovoltaic solar panels.

With the flexibility of selecting products that have the adhesive qualities and the shape you need, Hi Tech's new line of peel and stick solutions are THE answer! Call us today and let us help you improve your commercial solar products manufacturing or installation process.