Welcome to Hi Tech Solar Products: Adhesive Solutions for Commercial Solar Roof Manufacturing and Installation

High Tech Solar is the ONLY company to offer an entire line of peel and stick solutions custom converted to meet the shape, adhesive qualities, and thickness requirements of commercial solar roof manufacturing and commercial solar installation projects.

Our Commercial Solar Panel Adhesive Product line includes:
  • Peel and stick tapes and sealants
  • Solar roof panel labeling
  • Thermally conductive materials
  • Electrically Conductive Tapes & Shielding
  • Electrical & Thermal Insulating Materials
  • Solar panel Adhesives and Potting Materials

High Tech Solar's peel and stick solutions apply to all commercial solar installation projects. They ensure that solar roof panels are constructed and installed consistently, every time.

Whether you are manufacturers of commercial solar roofs, or professional installers of solar roof panels, we have solutions to make your job easier, saving you both time and money!

Junction Box Attachment
Hi tech is proud to offer a full range of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives engineered to adhere to ANY J Box substrate–even teflon.

Choose from a wide variety of solar panel adhesives that are UL approved.
These include silicone, polyurethane, urethane, epoxy or acrylic products. Each has outstanding shear and peel adhesion. These quality products ensure a consistent bond between the solar panels, the roof, and the J boxes.


Customize our products to meet each jobís specific requirements

For solar panel manufacturers, we work with your exact needs and develop the precise solar material solutions for your project. Let us know if your commercial solar roof requires a specific type of backing or a special adhesive, and weíll deliver. Just talk to our solar panel adhesives team about your requirements for compression, temperature, heat ratings, or weight tolerance, and we'll develop the best solar manufacturing material for you.

Expert Custom Die-Cutting
Eliminate waste and extra labor! YOU choose the specific cut or shape that best suits your solar panel manufacturing needs. We will create the exact size you need, and in the specific materials you want. No problem!

Solar Panel Manufacturing
We offer a complete line of solar manufacturing materials designed to simplify manufacturing commercial solar panels. Hi Tech Solar's peel and stick solutions are designed to ensure each solar roof panel is constructed and installed the same way, every time. Now, commercial solar panels can be constructed and easily laminated to metal, membrane, or mod-bit roofing, and will adhere to a wide variety of roofing materials–even highly plasticized vinyl.

Consider us your partners for any and all commercial solar installation projects.
No matter how big–or how small– your commercial solar installation project may be, our experienced team of solar panel adhesive experts has a cost-effective solution for all your commercial solar roof needs.

Hi Tech offers an array of peel and stick solutions for solar panel installation projects of any size, to install solar panels using our wide selection of high strength, UV and weather-resistant solar panel adhesives–with EASE!

Call us today to discover how we can help you make a success of your commercial solar installation–making it easier, quicker, less messy, and more convenient!