Hi Tech's new line of peel-and-stick solutions make attaching Junction Boxes to solar roof panels easy!

All Hi Tech Solar's Pressure Sensitive Adhesives are specifically engineered to adhere to ANY Junction Box substrate... No matter WHAT the coating!

You name, we'll stick to it! And we mean EVERY coating... even teflon!

The unique peel-and-stick products Hi Tech Solar has created are made to be able to literally peel and stick to all solar roof panel surfaces. Our complete line of solar panel tapes and sealants are available in roll form. Plus, we can CUSTOM Die-Cut to your specified shape, helping make installing solar panels and commercial solar panels easy and quick!

This is because Hi Tech's proprietary peel and stick adhesives accomplish the dual tasks of making SURE that the adhesive will stick to the solar panel on one side, and to the J Box itself on the other side.

Whether your company is a Solar Panel Manufacturer who also performs installations–or your company specializes in installing Solar Panels–using Hi Tech Solar's peel and stick adhesives means secure J Box fastening on every job, every time, and in LESS time!

Check out all of the advantages your company will experience every time you install commercial solar panels using our unique new peel and stick solutions.

Hi-Tech's propriety J Box installation product:
  • Eliminates the mess
  • Takes less labor, saving time
  • Gets rid of messy glue applications
  • Makes using nails or hardware obsolete!
All Hi Tech Solar Product Tapes & Sealants Are Cost-Effective and of the Highest Quality. They all are:
  • Waterproof, with low moisture vapor transmission
  • Weather and UV-resistant,for outdoor applications
  • High strength, with rapid cure features to improve commercial solar panel adhesion to J boxes

These new solar panel tapes and sealants are of the same exceptional quality that people have always associated with our company. For your company, it means your crew will have an easy, hassle-free experience when you are attaching junction boxes to commercial solar panels, or installing solar roof panels at any site.

Contact Us today to discover how we can custom tailor J Box solar adhesives for your next commercial solar panel installation project.