Hi-Tech Solar Introduces a Complete Line of Tapes, Sealants and Adhesives for Solar Panel Manufacturing

Hi-Tech Solar Products is please to announce a complete line of solar manufacturing materials to simplify the solar panel manufacturing process. With Hi-Tech’s peel-and-stick solutions, commercial solar panels can be constructed and laminated to metal, membrane, or mod-bit roofing.

Hi-Tech Solar now offers a complete line of peel-and-stick solutions that can be converted to your specifications. No longer is there a need for messy, imprecise, labor-intensive glue applications. Eliminate nails or hardware! Hi-Tech Solar Products are cost-effective solutions that allow solar panel manufacturers to produce commercial solar panels with exceptional quality.

Customized Solutions for Solar Panel Manufacturing
All of Hi-Tech Solar Products’ line of solar manufacturing materials may be customized to your specifications. Choose from the following:

Tapes & Sealants
Attach junction boxes, panel edge seals & panel mounting with our complete line of peel-and-stick solar panel tapes and sealants. Let us custom die-cut your desired shape– or purchase solar tapes in roll form. All Hi-Tech Solar Products’ tapes and sealants have:

  • Weather and UV resistant properties for outdoor applications
  • Waterproofing capabilities with low moisture vapor transmission
  • High Strength and rapid cure features to improve commercial solar panels adhesion

Solar Panel Labeling Solutions
Customize primary, in process, or UV labels to meet your solar panel manufacturing needs. Choose from pre-printed labels, or print them yourself. We also have repositionable, tamper-proof, and static dissipative solar manufacturing materials for specific applications.

Thermally Conductive Materials
When bonding the solar cell assembly to the back panel of the concentrator system, thermally conductive materials must be used. Hi-Tech Solar has a complete line of thermally conductive tapes, adhesives, epoxies, gels, pads, and greases.

Electrically Conductive Tapes & Shielding
For interconnect and buss bar applications, Hi-Tech Solar Products provides conductive and specialty adhesives with EMI shielding. Custom configured and or custom die-cut PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) tapes also come supplied with electrically conductive properties.

Electrical & Thermal Insulating Materials
Tell us your solar panel manufacturing application and let us help you choose from a wide variety of electrical and thermal insulating materials.

Adhesives & Potting materials are available in many different package types (bulk to cartridges) and may also be specified as thermally conductive. Bonding or encapsulating junction boxes and solar frame assemblies require any number of silicone, polyurethane, urethane, epoxy, or acrylic products. Hi-Tech Solar Products has a variety of solar panel adhesives that are UL approved. Each has outstanding shear and peel adhesion. Most products cure very rapidly, reducing your labor time.

With Hi-Tech Solar Products’ solar manufacturing materials, you get to “have it your way.” Do you need a specific amount and type of adhesive or backing? No Problem. We’ll produce exactly what you need.

Eliminate waste and extra labor by choosing the specific cut or shape that is best for your solar panel manufacturing needs.

Tell us your requirements for heat ratings, compression, temperature, or weight tolerance. We’ll develop the best solar manufacturing material for you.

With a complete line of peel-and-stick solutions, Hi-Tech Solar Products is clearly the best choice for your solar panel manufacturing operation. Call us today and let us show you how to save $$, increase your reliability, raise your quality, and speed up your process.