Hi Tech Solar makes Solar Panel Installation Easy with Labor Saving Peel and Stick Solar Panel Solutions!

Getting the best possible solar panel adhesive for any solar panel installation project means not settling for anything less than the unique, high quality solar solutions High Tech has to offer!

Now you can peel and stick ANY solar panel to a wide variety of roofing materials– including the toughest substrate to adhere to of them ALL: highly plasticized vinyl! We are the ONLY manufacturer with this unique solar panel adhesive that has the capability to solve even the worst problems of anyone who must install solar panels, or works with any type of solar panel adhesive – with ease!

Yes, our proprietary peel and stick solution allows all types of solar panels to adhere easily in ANY job your company is performing – even to your solar panel installation nightmare!

With Hi-Tech’s unique peel-and-stick solutions, commercial solar panels can be constructed and laminated to metal, membrane, or mod-bit roofing – with NO problems in adherence.

We’ve never met a solar panel we didn’t adhere to. And neither will you!

When you use Hi Tech’s peel and stick solutions to solve any and all solar panel installation operations you perform, it’s as easy as A –B –C:

FIRST: Create an outline for the exact placement of where the commercial solar panels should go– you can use either a water-soluble marker or chalk.

SECOND: Simply peel the solar panel adhesive and lower it onto the panel, then place the solar panel to the rooftop.

THIRD: Press down on the solar panel gently– with a broom or a round stick – to ensure that the solar panel adhesive sticks precisely and permanently

Then, all you need to do is to repeat this process until ALL of the commercial solar panels are firmly installed upon the roof. Not only will our company be able to provide you with the solar panel adhesive your company may need for any given job, we also possess the capability to CUSTOM formulate any solar adhesive that your company may need to install solar panels – providing you the BEST possible solar panel adhesive, regardless of the size and scope of the project.

Tell the shape and size you want!

Just let us know your EXACT specifications, and we will Custom convert it to YOUR needs, making your solar panel installation project go that much more smoothly … EVERY time!

To complete the installation of the solar panels, you need to fully connect the wires. To do that, you simply:
  1. Line up the batten between the junction boxes and thread the wires, then do the usual and customary steps to complete the connection process;
  2. Assemble the remaining electrical components as is appropriate for the PV System your client is using.
Working with High Tech Solar’s line of solar panel installation materials is not only easy as 1-2-3, – it also offers these business-boosting benefits:
  • Process consistency and reliability: fewer errors because it’s done the same way – the correct way – each and EVERY time!
  • Time Savings – reduce tact time
  • Labor Savings – No messy glues to deal with … EVER!

Call our expert team today to find out how Hi Tech Solar’s products can help save you time and money in your next solar panel installation project!